List of all Russian Car Brands

It has only been in the last 30 years, that Russians could easily acquire vehicles. Now Russians have a few Russian made cars to choose from. Avtovaz, is one of the biggest manufacturers of Russian automobiles. They are the most popular cars on the roads. Manufacturing started back in 1966 with the Lada model. The first plant, which made these cars is named Volzhsky. It is located in the Samara Region. This company is praised for making the most driven vehicle of the Soviets.

Lada has not only been a popular Russian car, but is also a great export car. This car has been popular in several countries including: Finland, Singapore, Ecuador, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, New Zealand, Portugal, Turkey, Egypt, United Kingdom and Ireland. Known as the working class vehicle, these cars are affordable for the average worker.

Gaz Group is by far the largest auto manufacture in the Soviet Union. It is made up of 'Gaz automobile works, Pavlovski Avtobus, LDV Holding, ltd, Golitsynski automobile works, Yaroslavl Motor Workshop, Ulyanovsk Motor Workshop and several other enterprises.' Well known cars from this line include the Volga, GAZ M 20 Pobeda and Chaika.

KAMAZ is a rather new company, opening in 1990. KAMAZ not only creates vehicles but also construction equipment used in the area. Actually, during the past 29 years, they have created 1,7 million heavy-duty construction trucks. They are a major supplier for defense vehicles used by the Russian Military.

The Automobile Moscow Society, or Automobile plant ZIL has changed its name several times since its opening in 1916. 'Today ZIL manufactures 3 to 8 ton capacity trucks along with vans, limousines and buses.'

Thing have certainly changed over the years in the Soviet Union. More and more cars are hitting the streets as more people can afford then. Good quality cars like Lada have made the Russian car market quite successful. Perhaps, this is why so many countries are looking to Russia for their Lada cars to export to their homelands.